We started business as a small local company in downtown Kampala, Uganda. As our success grew, it gave us the Investment opportunities to invest in other areas. From a small tour and travel company, we found other ventures, by transporting more than people, but also their goods and services. That brought us into other aspects of commercial, storage and warehousing, customs clearing and declaration, supply chain management, freight shipping and transportation.

In keeping this open mindset of thinking outside the box, we welcome the opportunity to talk with other people to take up investiment opportunities, who have great ideas for us in which to invest.

  • People who may have a business already established, but want to look into buying into another company with similar aspirations
  • An entrepreneur who needs an opportunity to invest in a fast growing company.
  • A contractor who has the skills and looking for a company to grow his skillsem>

  • We are looking right now!

    Even now we are searching for investors who wish to become partners with us. Someone with the ability, finances, and desire to learn and to make us both very successful!